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The Dyslexia Test - teachers x 3 The Dyslexia Test - teachers x 3

The Dyslexia Test - teachers x 3


Please click on the box on the left if you are a teacher, wishing to have three of your pupils or students take the Dyslexia Test, and you wish to pay on-line. There is no time limit in relation to having those you teach take the test, and so you can buy in advance and then use the credits as and when required during the year.

  • Dyslexia Test

The Diagnostic Test for Dyslexia from the Dyslexia Centre looks at the individual’s attitude and perception of elements within literacy ranging from spelling to rhyme, plus memory, information processing, and issues to do with the colour of the text, how the individual feels about reading, sequencing and so on.

The diagnostic test runs at the speed that the individual wants, and can be paused and returned to later if the pupil or student becomes distressed or weary of the process.

Once the test is completed you will be sent, within two working days, a detailed analysis of the test results and our recommendations.   Then following that you will also receive, again via email a series of activities that can be undertaken with the person who took the test.

These worksheets will not only help the individual begin to make progress in terms of literacy skills, but also confirm the findings of the test in indicating the particular areas of difficulty that the individual is facing.

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