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The Tiptoe Nativity The Tiptoe Nativity

The Tiptoe Nativity

A simple, fun, Christmas musical for early years children


This early years’ musical is so endearing! As well as catchy fun songs with actions, there’s a simple play (with narration for the teachers), which includes tiptoeing round the sleeping baby when someone suddenly gets the sneezes!

  • Description

What’s not to love? This endearing Christmas play for little children has six catchy songs including ‘Look,, look, look, there’s an angel!’,‘Tiptoe, tiptoe round the baby’ and ‘Whoa…glory to God!’. There’s jumping and twisting and some easy hand-jives, too. Shhh, there’s also a some tiptoeing around the sleeping baby …  uh oh, don’t sneeze! Whoops, too late!

The Tiptoe Nativity is a lot of fun for children and for their audience too, and is very easy to stage, with narration for teachers or older children, and a few simple short speaking parts for the early years children themselves. The cast size is completely flexible, and teachers can always join in on their knees as extras!

This download includes the play, narration, props list, craft ideas, lyrics, vocals, actions & even easy kazoos parts!

The songs and funky backing tracks are not included but can be downloaded from iTunes (or a CD is available for purchase from the publisher). It’s a lovely way to celebrate Christmas with your youngest children.

Published by Redhead Music

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