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The Ever Improving School The Ever Improving School

The Ever Improving School


How secondary schools improve year on year, without spending money on consultants, conferences and expensive reform programmes

  • ISBN 978 1 86083 852 1

What allows a school to be successful and to grow its success across the years?

No school improves by itself.  Schools get better because someone – or better still a group of people - put energy into improving the school.

For even the most excellent school will slip back over time, unless something is done, to keep it improving.

So what is it that some school managers are doing which helps improve a school in terms of its Ofsted rating, parental satisfaction and its exam results not just this year but also next year and the year after?

The answer it turns out is rather simple.  They have set up a continuing development and improvement programme.  

The process of doing this is described in this report which was commissioned and produced by the School of Educational Administration and Management – a body set up with government funding and the support of the government’s Department of Trade and Industry and the University of Northampton Department of Education.

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